Top 5 Things To Do In Disney World

Many people from all over the world dream of getting to the Disney World and see everything this magical place offers. However, for many foreigners, the trip and accommodation costs are pretty high, so they cannot stay for longer than several days. Also, even if you are staying there for a week, it is still impossible to visit all locations and experience all the features. 

Therefore, it is reasonable to make some kind of a schedule, to plan your routes and activities, and not to waste the precious time. To do this, you have to know what are the best activities you can enjoy in the Disney World. Check out our favourites list to pick what you like the most. 

The Best Activities 

Of course, everybody has their own preferences, and if you also dream of some particular things, please do what you find the most amazing and amusing. However, in case you feel lost in all these dozens of attractions and options, loom through our list of favorite activities: 

  • Meet your favorite characters – what can be more amusing than meeting the characters you love since childhood! This activity is the easiest and also promises the best selfies ever. Yet, you have to check out the schedule to see when the characters are available and in what area. If you want to see a group of several characters at once, find the schedule of Fastpasses. In case you are dying to see a particular hero, plan your day to fit his or her schedule. 
  • See the fireworks. Whatever you choose to do during the day, it is always good to end it with fantastic and bright fireworks. These are almost exactly the same we all have seen as children when the opening captions and logos were shown for another Disney cartoon. Viewing these fireworks upon the towers of magical castles will definitely bring you back to these sweet childhood days. 
  • Visit the Haunted Mansion – of course, all those sweet pinky funny atmospheres is cute, but for some, the real fun is impossible without a dose of adrenaline. If a roller coaster is not your thing, get decently scared in the Haunted Mansion. This is a family-friendly and slow ride, that will allow you to enjoy all the mystical aspects of Disney movies. However, still think twice whether you want to take small kids with you. Maybe not this time. 
  • Eat and drink in restaurants representing different countries of the world – as one of the top entertainment parks on the global scale, Disney World offers the best cuisines possible. Also, it has different locations devoted to various cultures and countries. If you are a foodie, or even if you are not, make sure you try something delicious there. 
  • See Pandora – the World of Avatar. Avatar movie turned out to be so visually impressive, that the Disney park decided to include it into one of its locations, and now, Pandora is a real gem of the park. It is designed so beautifully, that the sight of it will leave you breathless. Make sure you visit it at night when all the lights are on. 

These are the top 5 things to do in the Disney World! 

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