What is the best game to hit the jackpot? Is there any game to win big or get a jackpot (almost) every time you play it?

If you have never been involved in gambling or playing casino games in general, having a clear idea of what to play to withdraw big is essential if you are going to deposit money. It is literally like going to a land-based casino. Spend money in order to win. So, are there some worthy games when it comes to playing big?

3 Games to Win Big in 2019

There are many games you have high chances to win. But not all of them are the same. There are only a couple of games that allow you to get a big jackpot and good money. Those games are not the easiest ones. But they worth your attention if you are not ready to spend days, weeks, and years waiting for a huge jackpot. Though they are quite risky and don’t promise you a fast win, you can always give them a try when looking for a game with an impressive money reward.

Here are three popular casino games to win big money (in case of a deep-laid strategy and a little bit of luck, of course).

  • Roulette is one of those basic casino games everyone knows about. Though it is not quite a hard game (it requires from you just to name the number of the wheel section, which the ball is going to stop in), it can bring you some real money. It is one of the fastest games to remember. Thus, it will be a perfect choice for someone who has never been into gambling before.
  • If you are more into cards, try video poker. It is one of those games that provide real chances to win, especially if you are already a professional player. Card games, in general, have the highest chances at winning big. They depend on your card playing skills mainly. If you are not a pro yet, and not a newcomer already, definitely start with video poker.
  • Even though slots are more about luck than skills, you can still get a real jackpot here too. Actually, slot games are among the biggest casino wins in 2018. Though winning a worthy slot jackpot can take a month or two.


As you can see, it is not always about your gambling skills or special techniques when it comes to getting a jackpot. Both a slot and roulette have high chances of providing a huge monetary reward. Just pick whatever you are more confident in or whatever you enjoy playing most.

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