Eye Massagers – The Most Important Info

Nowadays, there is a large selection of eye massagers on the market; everyone can pick the model for his needs and budget. Regardless of the model type and price category, the popular majority of eye massagers are made in the form of glasses. They are intended to be put on the head and fixed with the help of snaps. 

Some models are equipped with perforated screens that stimulate the optic nerve with light. The action of magnetic devices is carried out by dint of a magnetic field and mechanical contact with the skin through special plates. One of the most widely used products of this type is a magnetic acupuncture eye massager. The tool is equipped with special massage “fingers” made of silicone. Besides, SPA massagers are also widely distributed; they equipped with several functions at once: thermal, magnetic, and vibrating. No surprise that it is a spa massager that is considered to be the best eye massager for relaxation.

How Do Eye Massagers Work?

All these devices affect both the fundus of the eye and temporal-frontal area, performing a soft skin massage around the eyes. Obviously, using such devices is extremely beneficial to the organism, which ophthalmologists and neurologists prove. First of all, they have a beneficial effect on the visual system: eye massagers reduce eye fatigue after the prolonged use of a computer, remove goosebumps, and even improve eyesight. Cosmetologists note an improvement in the skin tone around the eyes, while neurologists say that there is improvement of sleep quality after using a magnetic massager.

However, it is worth noting that in each case, the device affects the human body in different ways. In addition, there are a number of contraindications to the use of the eye massager. That is why you should familiarize yourself with the instructions and consult with the physician in advance.

What Types of Eye Massagers for You to Choose from?

  • Eyeglasses fitted with perforated screens that stimulate the optic nerve with light;
  • Magnetic glasses affecting the eyes by magnetic field and mechanical contact with the skin;
  • SPA massagers equipped with several functions at once: magnetic, thermal, and vibration.

Magnetic Acupuncture Eye Massager

Eye massagers of this type are the most popular today. They have a look of a special glasses that are equipped with built-in silicone “fingers.” The appliance is very soft and elastic, which completely eliminates mechanical damage to the skin. At the top of each massage “finger,” there is a tiny magnet, which produces a stimulation of a certain point on the skin around the eyes. As a result, the blood circulation is normalized and the skin tone is improved. When turned on, the device begins to vibrate and provides delicate point pressure. 

Manufacturers claim that the device is absolutely safe for health. More to say, it has a really positive impact on the body condition and health. However, during the device operation, there may be a slight tingling, which is normal. The instructions indicate that the use of an acupuncture eye massager with myopia or hyperopia contributes to a partial improvement in sight. However, it is impossible to talk about the 100% efficiency of the device since everything depends on the individual characteristics of the device user.

Magnetic Eye Massager: Positive Impact

  • Relieves eye fatigue;
  • Eliminates dark circles and edema under the eyes;
  • Improves blood circulation around the eyes;
  • Slows age-related changes;
  • Prevents the development of wrinkles around the eyes;
  • Improves sleep quality.

Nowadays, eye massagers are used in the treatment of myopia and amblyopia and also act as a prophylactic agent. They are recommended to people who are constantly working with a computer or are experiencing headaches due to deterioration of vision. The magnetic effect of these tools makes sleep quality better and reduces irritability. In addition, the eye massager contributes to the solution of some cosmetic problems: increased blood circulation has a good impact on the complexion and significantly reduces bags under the eyes.

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