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Disney is something we will always remember from our happy and carefree childhood. This company has done a lot to create a feeling of a fairytale for kids while they are growing up as well as for adults who are trying to become a bit more naive again in the daily lives. Given that Walt Disney’s services span a wide range from movies to large-scale theme parks all over the world, people tend to underestimate the quality and excellence of the company’s game development.

To put you in the context, the company has entered the interactive industry back in 1988 with several transformations of its subsidiary in the field. However, what is even more important that this field of the company’s operations has always been one of the most successful ones. So far, they have already developed a large number of games with such characters as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy. In this article, however, we will only discuss the most praised games by the Disney Interactive Studios production. 

Your Most Favorite Disney Games: Best Of The Best

When it comes to choosing a few out of quite a lot of games developed by Walt’s company from the first steps in the industry, one should understand the real struggle in this. Apart from graphics and exciting game scenarios, it is also about a human factor of people all over the world playing the same favorite games and sharing experiences about them with one another. 

Therefore, our ranking below is surely more than just a quality overview but rather something that would give you a nice nostalgic feeling:

  • Mickey Mania: developed in 1994 it already felt nostalgic back then. The game would take through the whole history of the Mickey adventures making it an incredibly fun one to play. Moreover, its outstanding graphics and well-though animated design  earned it the name of one of the best games with our beloved character, Mickey; 
  • Aladdin: a beautiful love story with Arabian flair has also been a proven success in the game format. There you as an Aladdin would have to constantly jump and work with the sword to get the one and only Jasmine, the love of your life. This kind of game setting is rather interactive and fun to play, is it not?
  • The Lion King: a growing-up game of Simba becoming the real lion as his father was in an array of exciting events and adventures. Together with a killer soundtrack and opportunity to change roles for Pumba as a bonus, it is needless to say what a sensation it was back in the 1990s. 

To wrap things up, the gaming industry is nothing but one of the most striving ones in the field of entertainment. Therefore, it was also entered by the world’s favorite cartoon producer. Some of the best games developed by it included the adventures of Mickey Mouse, growing-up experiences of Simba as well as a beautiful fight for love by Aladdin. 

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